Once iTunes has downloaded Women's Murder Club: Death in Scarlet, it will appear on your device and can be played by tapping on the WMurderClub icon on your device's home page.

You can move the game to your device's quick launch dock if required.

  • Navigation through all menus is made by pressing a menu item once with your finger.
  • To scroll the text, simply press the text and drag it with your finger.
  • To dismiss a pop-up text box, touch the screen.
  • During gameplay, you can zoom in and out of a scene by using a pinch gesture.
  • To navigate within a scene, touch and drag the scene in any direction.

How To Play
The goal in Women's Murder Club: Death in Scarlet is to help the team solve a series of bizarre murders by finding the items they need and solving puzzles to discover clues. During standard scenes, you will be given a list of items to find in the scene. Your goal is to find all of the items in the list in order to progress on to the next chapter of the investigation. You will also encounter several short mini-games, where your objective is to find and use items in order to solve a puzzle to gather evidence or to find out more about the key characters in the investigation.

  • Seek-and-find: During a standard seek-and-find scene, find all of the items in the list within the time limit. Tap on an item in the scene after finding it in order to remove it from the list
  • Inventory items: The inventory contains items you will need to use in your investigation to collect evidence or solve puzzles. Some items you find are useful for your investigation and get stored in the inventory. To use an item in the inventory drag it from the menu and release the item above the desired area of the screen. E.g. to take a photo, drag the camera over the key area (signified by a 'sparkle').
  • Puzzles: There are a series of small puzzles contained in some of the levels. These are:
    • Jigsaw style puzzles where you have to drag the pieces to their correct place on the screen to complete the puzzle.
    • Elimination puzzles where the goal is to work out the correct item to perform an action.
    • Combination puzzles where items have to be placed in the correct order or layout to solve the puzzle.

  • You can use a hint in any of the standard find-and-seek scenes by tapping on the light bulb icon in the upper-right of the screen. Using a hint will highlight one of the hidden items in your list, making it easier for you to find.
  • The number of hints available is limited to 5 per investigation.
  • Item descriptions may sometimes be cryptic. Use your investigative skills!