Once iTunes has downloaded Pigeon Quadron it will appear on your device and can be played by tapping on the Pigeon Squadron icon on your device's home page.

You can move the game to your device's quick launch dock if required.

  • Navigation through all menus is made by pressing a menu item once with your finger.
  • To scroll the text, simply press the text and drag it with your finger.
  • To dismiss a pop-up text box, touch the screen.
  • Tilt the device to steer your pigeons flight in the desired direction
  • Tap the Bomb icon to Poop

How to Play

The goal in Pigeon Squadron is to complete missions given to you by the Pigeon General to help free your pigeon brothers from human oppression. Strike back at the humans by flying around the city and pooping on them! The General will identify your target before each mission, when you complete a mission you will be awarded a Gold, Silver or Bronze Medal. You must achieve a Bronze medal or better to continue on to the next mission.

  • Fly and Poop: During a standard mission you will fly around and poop on a set of targets. You must reach the target limit before the time runs out to unlock the next mission.
  • Bombing Targets: A Poop Bomb takes a few seconds to fall to the ground, Hit the Bomb button just as you are over a target to hit it spot on.
  • Throw Ups: All this pooping won't go unnoticed by the humans, some of them will throw up objects at you. Most of the thrown objects are bad and will injure your pigeon if you fly into them. You can tell if an thrown object is good or bad by the colour - Red objects are bad and will injure you, Green objects will replenish your health.
  • Medals: After successfully completing a mission you will be awarded a medal.
    • Gold medals are awarded for hitting all of the targets in the time allowed.
    • Silver Medals are awarded for hitting most of the targets.
    • Bronze medals are awarded for hitting some of the targets.
  • Tilt the device forward to fly faster and reach targets quicker.
  • Tilt backwards to slow down and hover over a target.
  • You can hit the same target multiple times use this to help you build up your score.
  • Hitting tight groups of people is a great way to score extra points