Once iTunes has downloaded Paradise Quest, it will appear on your device and can be played by tapping on the Paradise Quest icon on your device's desktop.

You can move the game to your device's quick launch dock if required.

  • Navigation through all menus is made by tapping a menu item once with your finger.
  • To dismiss a pop-up text box, touch the screen.
  • During gameplay, you click the mini map at any time to pause the game.
How To Play
The goal in Paradise Quest is to restore the island of Isabella to its former glory. To achieve that you'll explore dozens of play maps of the island, and collect the resources needed to heal the island. There are 3 types of resources which you can collect: Wood, Water and Food. Different amount of these resources are required to upgrade the island and help it flourish. As you restore the island, animal life will return to inhabit it. Attract all animal species to win the game.

Island Map
The map of the island of Isabella is your main access point to playing the game. From this screen you can:
  • Play a level by tapping "Play".
  • Upgrade the island by tapping one of the 4 upgrade buttons.
  • View your journal by tapping it. It collects Animal pictures, Awards, Artifact Pieces, and your placement on the leaderboard.
  • Matching: Drag items to create matches of 3 or more of the same type.
  • Exploration: As you make matches the camera will move to reveal the level map.
  • Habitat pieces: Make matches on the stone tiles surrounding a habitat piece to collect it. Collect all habitat pieces in a level to win it.
  • Sand tiles: Sand tiles hide special items that can help you on your quest. Make matches over them to uncover these goodies.
  • Inventory items: The inventory contains items and power-ups you've collected. Drag one onto the game screen to activate its power or function.
  • Walls: Some levels contain walls or barriers which inhibits your map exploration. Find the right item and drag from your inventory onto the barrier to traverse it. For example, to break down a wall, find and use the pick-axe.
  • Stuck? Some levels contain separate areas of the map which can only be accessed using the vine. Try using your vine to jump to unexplored areas of the map and find all the habitat pieces.

Get More Out of Your Game
  • Try playing with friends or family to see who can get the highest score.
  • Try all the game modes to see what's new.
Restoring in-app-purchases
  • It is possible for purchased content to become locked again after purchase if, for example, you delete the app from your device and re-install.
  • In the event that purchased content becomes locked again, you can purchase it again for free. Simply complete the same purchase steps as before, but this time you will not be charged, provided you use the same iTunes account as was used to originally purchase the item.