Once iTunes has downloaded iMusic Puzzle it will appear on your device and can be played by tapping on the iMusic Puzzle icon on your device's desktop.

You can move the game to your device's quick launch dock if required.

How do I play iMusic Puzzle?
All you have to do is carry and arrange musical blocks in order to make the music flow. The game will select random songs from your iTunes Libray to build the levels, with four different difficulty sets: Easy, Normal, Hard and Master.

Before playing, you have three chances to listen to the portion of the song that was selected. The music is then broken into multiple blocks and you will need to rebuild the segment ordering the audio samples to find the song that you've heard before.

What is the difference between "Arcade mode" and "Quick Play"?
In "Arcade mode" you will play 28 songs randomly selected from your library, plus 4 bonus rounds where you can win extra points. In "Quick Play mode" you can choose your favorite song and also the difficulty level if you want to play a quick puzzle.

Bonus Round: what is it?
Bonus Round is an extra feature of the game which allows you to earn additional points. There are two types of Bonus Round. In one, you will have to find matching pairs in a group of audio blocks before the time is out:

In the other, there will be two, three or four musical blocks (depending on difficulty level) with parts of different songs. You have to listen to these parts and try to put the audio blocks that come randomly into their corresponding song slot before the time is up. Be quick and earn more!

What is the Skip button? How can I use it?
In "Arcade mode", the game will randomly select some songs from your iTunes library. If you listen to a song three times and decide that you don't want to play with it, you can use the Skip button to make the game pick another song for you. You can use it anytime you want throughout the game. Please note that you can only use it if you have already listened to the song, by pressing the Play button.