• Navigation through all menus is made by spinning the disk upwards or downwards to select your desired item.
  • Scrolling is done by swiping manually up-down or left-right.
  • Difficulty can be changed from Easy to Hard by touching the option and it is only available in Quick Play mode.
  • Awards can be reviewed from the Main Menu.
  • Extra menu includes extra tracks that may be bought and played from Quick Play.
How To Play
  • Tap the incoming notes on the corresponding catcher position.
  • For the long notes keep the note pressed until the trail is over. Double notes are caught by pressing both notes at the same time.
  • Tap the right bar when it flashes to enter Scratch Mode. Use a combination of long and short swipes along with disk throws to score points.
  • In DJ Battles and Multiplayer, use the aquired Power-ups by pressing the icon in the lower-left of the screen to hinder your opponent and ease your road to victory.
Game Modes
  • Quick Play will display the unlocked songs in Story mode, available on all difficulties. Also it will display the Extra songs bought.
  • Story mode allows a player to play through a list of songs in various locations, unlocked one by one after a DJ Battle.
Awards are unlocked for achieving certain goals in the game. An icon will appear to inform you that an award has been unlocked and it is summarised at the end of a level. Awards can be viewed in the Award section of the Main Menu.

Supports head-to-head DJ Battle on two devices using wi-fi or Bluetooth. Simply select Multiplayer option from the Main Menu and select either Host to start a game or Join, to join an existing host. Your game will scan to see who else around you is hosting a game or ready to join, and you will be able to join or start a DJ Battle between you and a friend.