Once iTunes has downloaded Fast and Furious it will appear on your device and can be played by tapping on the Fast&Furious icon on your device's desktop.

You can move the game to your device's quick launch dock if required.

If you are listening to your own music on your iPod then the game will recognise this and continue to play your music instead of the in-game music.

  • Navigation through all menus is made by selecting a menu item with your finger.
  • The volume menu works like a slider. Place your finger on the menu option and pull it right or left across the screen to set the volume.
  • Speed can be changed from mph to km/h by touching the option.
  • Difficulty can be changed from Normal to Hard by touching the option.
  • Awards can be reviewed.
How To Play
  • Steering is achieved using the device's accelerometer. Tilt your device left and right to steer your car.
  • For cars with Nitro, tap the Nitro indicator on the left side of your screen to engage the NOS. Remember that your indicator must show full and be flashing before you can use the feature. NOS will automatically replenish over time, but some cars take longer to replenish than others..
  • To brake, touch anywhere on the main gameplay screen. A red light will show under your touch to indicate the brake is engaged.
Road race
It's an all-out race against various opponents. Use all your skill to cross the finish line first. Remembering track layouts can assist in more challenging races. Using your NOS at the right time can significantly improve your performance in tougher challenges.

Drift race
Crossing the finish line first is only half of the objective. Drift races all have a skill score to achieve. This is calculated while you drift - the longer you drift your car and the more drifts you chain together, the greater your score. Note that drifting is when the car is in a controlled slide.

Drag race
There is no steering required in this mode. All you need to do is concentrate on changing gears at the optimum revs for a smooth shift and better acceleration. Watch the rev needle as it changes colour from red to green. Changing gears when the needle is red is the worst possible time. Changing when the needle is green is best and anything in-between is a variance on this. To change gear, simply tap the gear icon in the bottom right of the screen.

GPS race
Race from checkpoint to checkpoint against opponents to get to the finish line first. Use the GPS map in the corner of the screen to find the fastest route around the race route and look out for shortcuts.

Tunnel run
There is no steering required in this mode. Like the drag race concentrate on changing gears at the optimum revs for a smooth shift and better acceleration. When the tunnel reaches a junction 'traffic light' icons will appear on the screen. Tap these in sequence when they start to flash green to make the car navigate the junction smoothly. Tap the icons in the wrong order or at the wrong time and the car will crash and have to begin accelerating again.

The objective is to stop the target vehicle(s) during the race. Players will have to complete the track and take out the enemy cars. Smash into the target vehicle(s) until they are unable to drive any longer. Watch the indicators above the vehicle to see their health. When the bar is empty the target vehicle(s) will crash. Letting the target vehicle(s) get too far away will result in the level being failed. A message will appear on screen with a countdown when the target vehicle(s) are too far away.

The objective is to evade being caught during the race. Players will have to complete the track without being taken out by the enemy car. The enemy car will try to box a player in, or smash into your car until you are unable to drive any longer. Watch the indicators at the top of your screen to see your car's health. When all three icons turn red you will be unable to drive and you will be caught. Not putting enough distance between you and the enemy car will also result in being caught. A message will appear on screen with a countdown when the enemy car is too near. Increase the distance before the countdown ends to successfully evade the situation.

Each scene can also contain various targets and objectives that must be met, these could be one of the following:
  • Drift Challenge where a player must meet a set drift score in one drift
  • Pink Slip Challenge where a player must win a defined car before he can progress
  • Race challenge where a player must win all the races to proceed
Game Modes
  • Quick Race takes the player to a screen where they can choose from a specific race type on a randomized track for some quick action. Tracks are selected based on what is unlocked in Story mode.
  • Story mode allows a player to play through all the tracks sequentially based upon the movie plot. Upon successively completing the required challenges in a scene the player will unlock the next scene.
Compete online
This allows the player to post scores and videos to a global leaderboard website.

To upload replays of your races to cloudcell.com and see videos of them on YouTube, follow these simple steps:

1. Register with cloudcell.com on your iPhone or iPod Touch.
2. You will be sent a confirmation email. Click on the enclosed link to confirm your account.
3. Visit the Fast & Furious page on cloudcell.com and login. Then select 'Edit my profile' from the My Home page. Select 'Click to manage your YouTube account' and follow the steps to link your YouTube account to your cloudcell.com account.
4. When you race on your iPhone or iPod Touch, click on 'Sync' after the race or anytime you are connected to the internet.
5. Visit the Fast & Furious page on cloudcell.com website to watch your video replays!

Note: Only personal bests will be automatically uploaded to YouTube. When you view your other replays on cloudcell.com you can request that they are uploaded to your account as well.

Once registered by entering the Compete online menu and filling out the details in the 'register' option, the player can then choose races to participate in by tapping the race button. Tracks unlocked in single player can be selected to race.

An email will be sent to you containing your login details and a link to the website. The email will contain a confirmation link that should be clicked on to activate your account.

Once the race is complete you will be asked if you want to save your replay so it can be uploaded to the internet. Touching sync will then upload the race data to the internet so the video can be viewed.

Use a web browser (iPhone Safari, Internet Explorer 7, Firefox 3 or Safari) to visit the website: http://fastandfurious.cloudcell.com or click on the link in-game to take you to the website. Here you can enter your registration details to log in. Once logged in you can:
  • Edit your profile: Change your avatar, Manage the devices registered to your account, Link to your personal YouTube account to store your videos.
  • View replays on your account.
  • View the top drivers and their times and videos.
  • View the leaderboards for each track: Click on the thumbnails at the top of the page to chose a track. The top times for that track are listed below. Click on any of them to watch the video.

You will need to create a YouTube account to see your videos uploaded. Only the top 10 fastest races will automatically have videos created by Cloudcell.

Tapping leaderboard in-game will download the best times posted on that track to your device.

Awards are unlocked for achieving certain goals in the game. An icon will appear to inform you that an award has been unlocked and it is summarised at the end of a level. Awards can be viewed in the awards screen under profile.

Wifi Multiplayer
Supports head-to-head racing between two devices using wireless. Simply select the Wifi Multiplayer option from the menu and your game will scan to see who else around you is playing Fast & Furious and you will be able to prompt them for a challenge.

Twitter support
Let the world know how fast and furious you are! You can now choose to link to your Twitter account and let us tweet your best times for you.

Simply edit settings on your Cloudcell profile page on http://fastandfurious.cloudcell.com/. This happens securely on the Twitter site, and your Twitter password is not shared with Cloudcell. You can revoke the link at any time from your Cloudcell profile page.

If you give us permission, we will tweet your new personal best scores on your behalf, with a link to your Cloudcell profile. We don't want to spam your followers so we won't send more than one tweet per hour.

Custom leaderboards
Connect more easily with your friends and opponents on Cloudcell! Create your custom leardboards of drivers you want to follow - and see who's following you.

Tag yourself and find similar drivers
You can now tag yourself with a list of words that describe you, to help your friends find you on Cloudcell. Each tag will also have its own leaderboard so you can see the best times for everyone with that tag.

To add tags, go to your profile page and click "edit settings"

Follow your favorite drivers and create custom leaderboards
You can also "follow" people on Cloudcell, which will add two personal leaderboards to your profile page: one for all the people you're following, and another one for the people following you!

Find a user on the leaderboard, click on his nickname, then click "Follow User".

Get More Out of Your Game
  • Play against friends and family wirelessly.
  • Bet your car against your friend on Multiplayer.
  • Better your times on individual tracks.
  • Beat the online scores and upload videos for bragging rates.
Device Troubleshooting Tip
Very occasionally, the iPhone touch input may get confused and not respond to input within an acceptable time. If this happens, touch the screen with five fingertips (at the same time) to reset the touch capabilities of your device.