Once iTunes has downloaded Bubble Town 2, it will appear on your device and can be played by tapping on the BubbleTown2 icon on your device's home page.

You can move the game to your device's quick launch dock if required.

  • Navigation through all menus is made by pressing a menu item once with your finger.
  • To scroll the text, simply press the text and drag it with your finger.
  • To dismiss a pop-up text box, touch the screen.

How To Play
  • Shoot and match 3 or more Borbs in order to clear the board.
  • When the cannon tube is empty, the borbs are brought closer to the Danger Zone. If a Borb touches the Danger Zone, you will lose the level.
  • Match the power-up borbs to enable special powers.
  • Classic Mode - Match all the borbs before they are pushed into the danger-zone. Use the borb queue wisely.
  • Ball Mode - The ball-shaped clump will be surrounded by the danger-zone, use your tactics and prevent the shrinking danger-zone from overlapping the clump.
  • Invasion Mode - Defeat the invading Lump armies by making matches in key points and detaching large branches of borbs from the clumps. This game mode features an unlimited borb supply, but be careful, the clumps are moving down once every 3 shots.
  • Take your best shots to defeat the Lump army and its powerful leaders.

  • Move the cannon by touching the screen and dragging LEFT or RIGHT. The ability to perform this movement will be highlighted by directional arrows.
  • When the Lob Cannon is enabled, UP/DOWN arrows will also be highlighted when touching the game area. To increase/decrease the angle of the lob shot touch and drag UP/DOWN.
  • FIRE by tapping the cannon.

Match or drop power-ups to gain special abilities:
  • HOTFOOT: Clears away all the borbs in its path!
  • SURESHOT: This target means perfect accuracy on your next three shots.
  • BUBBLE: All the borbs it hits will morph into its color.
  • PLUNGER: Grabs one item on the board and drops it in the cannon for your next shot.
  • WILD: Matches with any color on the board. It can be launched from the cannon or matched inside the pack.
  • LOB: Lob your next 3 shots into the air and land them anywhere in the pack. Drag Up/Down to change the angle of the cannon.
  • BOMB: Frees any borbs in its vicinity when successfully matched.