Once you have purchased and downloaded the Blend the Boss application from the iTunes app store you will notice that a new application icon appears on your iPhone, to launch simply tap this icon.

If you don't have a Blend the Boss icon please make sure you have synced you iPhone to your PC or Mac and that you have completed the checkout process on the iTunes app store.

You can move the game to your device's quick launch dock if required.

After the game has finished loading you will be presented with a menu screen containing a list of options. Navigation is made by tapping a menu item with your finger. To start a game of Blend the Boss tap the Play text on the main menu.

If you need to change the volume you can do this in the options menu. The volume bar works like a slider, place your finger on the slider and drag left and right to increase/decrease the sound.

New Game
When you start a new game you will be asked to input your name. Touch the text box that appears to open the apple keyboard and input your name.

Importing an Image
After you have entered your name you will be asked if you would like to import an image to be used in the game as the bosses head. If you select yes you will be taken to your photo library and asked to select an image from this library.

For best results choose a large portrait image where the person or object is facing the camera straight on. Align this image with the centre of the stage to match it with the frame shown above.

Playing the game
Playing Blend the Boss is simple; Tap the screen with your finger to shoot! The main objective of the game is to shoot the ducks so that they fall on the see-saw launching the boss into the blender. You are awarded points for getting the boss into the blender. Keep playing and try to get the highest score before you run out of ammunition.

Below is a summary of points that are on offer for shooting different characters.

Awards are unlocked for achieving certain goals in the game. Text will appear in game to inform you that an award has been unlocked. Award details can also be viewed in the awards option on the main menu.

Device Troubleshooting Tip
Very occasionally, the iPhone touch input may get confused and not respond to input within an acceptable time. If this happens, touch the screen with five fingertips (at the same time) to reset the touch capabilities of your device.